When you look to hire an employment attorney to help you manage your workforce, it is important that you choose one whose practice is focused on labor and employment law. After all, you have a lot of choices in north central Florida. The Florida Bar has over 100,000 members and Gainesville is home to University of Florida Levin College of Law, the flagship university and law school. Many law school students graduate then stay to practice in the Gainesville-Ocala-Jacksonville area. Here, you will find sole practitioners, lawyers who have banded together in law firms to share costs but not profits, true law firm partnerships, and small branch offices of statewide law practices. It’s easy to find an attorney who practices general civil law or litigation. But you need an employment lawyer who is proficient, experienced, and intentionally focused on labor and employment law.

Why? Managing a workforce requires compliance with federal and state employment laws and regulations which are convoluted and ever-changing. The most effective employment lawyers have many years of experience in day-to-day counseling on workplace issues, drafting personnel policies and employee handbooks, negotiating contracts including noncompete and severance agreements, and defending complex employment law matters.

When? The time to hire an employment lawyer is before you are sued. Competent legal advice on best practices can keep you out of the courthouse. Unfortunately, many businesses delay hiring an employment attorney until the sheriff is at the door to serve a summons.

Who? Donnelly + Gross. We think ahead. We advise our clients on how to avoid potential risks and make the best workplace decisions for their business. As experienced litigators with significant state, federal and appellate court experience, we have a practiced approach to employment litigation. Our employment litigation team is sought by corporate general counsels, business owners, managers, professionals, and associations for representation in Florida in audit and enforcement proceedings and investigations by federal, state, and local administrative agencies and to defend against employment-related claims in state and federal court throughout Florida including Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, Tallahassee, and Tampa.

Employment or labor issue? At Donnelly + Gross, you have our focus.