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Domestic Violence Awareness at Work

Wed November 5, 2014 Publications

Domestic violence is an epidemic in this country. It permeates every facet of our society including the NFL and federal judiciary. When domestic violence becomes a workplace issue, what’s an employer to do? No more business as usual, according to the American Bar Association and Florida Legislature. Employers have ethical […]

Social Networking and Settlement Agreements

Tue April 29, 2014 Publications

A great deal of civil litigation, including employment litigation, ends in settlement agreements, not a trial. While a great deal of effort is often put into negotiating the dollars involved in the settlement agreement, an identical amount of attention must be placed on the so-called “boilerplate” provisions. In the age […]

Termination of At-will Employment: Top 6 Questions

Wed April 2, 2014 Publications

Some lawyers go to law school to try cases. They are excellent advocates who enjoy cross-examining witnesses and making closing arguments to juries. They are good to have around when you need them. But, let’s hope you don’t. I lead a team of experienced employment litigators, but the most important […]

Myths About H1-B Visas

Fri March 28, 2014 Publications

Employers that are having difficulty attracting qualified employees to fill a specialized occupation will sometimes sponsor foreign workers on H1-B visas. The vast majority of the time, both the employer and the foreign worker are satisfied with this mutually beneficial arrangement. Unfortunately, this arrangement does not always work out and […]