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Employee Handbook Revision: Employment Discrimination

Fri April 1, 2016 Publications

This year is expected to bring expanded employer liability for employment discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s higher focus on LGBT rights, pregnancy discrimination, and hiring practices. LGBT Discrimination For the first time, the EEOC has filed suit against two private employers on behalf of employees alleging sexual orientation […]

Employee Handbook Revisions for 2016: Wage and Hour Policies

Tue March 1, 2016 Publications

Employment class action litigation is at an all time high and the stakes keep getting higher. The top 10 employment class action settlements totaled nearly $2.5 billion last year. Plus, 2016 promises expanded employer liability for claims of unpaid wages, discrimination, and anti-union policies. It is time to think about […]

What Is Your Mileage Reimbursement Rate Policy?

Mon February 1, 2016 Publications

Just when you had the standard mileage rates memorized, the IRS has announced new rates for 2016. As a reminder, businesses with personnel policies related to mileage reimbursement, should update their policies immediately to reflect this change. An easy way to avoid annual policy updates is to add a provision […]

Uber Drivers: Employees or Independent Contractors

Fri January 1, 2016 Publications

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity recently issued a final order determining that two Uber drivers were independent contractors rather than employees and, thus, not entitled to unemployment compensation. This is in contrast to rulings in California and Oregon which have found that Uber drivers are employees entitled to unemployment […]

Recent Noncompete Decisions Favor Employees

Tue December 1, 2015 Publications

Recently, state and federal courts have issued precedent-setting decisions on noncompete claims filed under Section 542.335, Florida Statutes (2015) which reversed the preliminary injunctions issued by the lower courts. In late October, the Fifth District Court of Appeals found a company’s business relationship with a former client did not qualify […]