#Me Too Impacts Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment claims are up this year which is no surprise given the ever-growing #Me Too movement. Founded in 2006, the movement went viral in October 2017, following the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Actress Alyssa Milano … Continued

DOL Opinion Letters: Just Do the Research

Wage and hour issues are generally mechanical, but there are interesting exceptions and obscure exemptions. That’s when Department of Labor opinion letters help. On August 28, 2018, four such letters were issued, favoring employers and affirming the importance of detailed … Continued

Appellate Court Bars Re-litigation of Tax Exemption

While Donnelly + Gross is known for its labor and employment law practice, we also represent organizations challenging the denial of property tax exemptions. This is one of those cases. Recently, the First District Court of Appeal upheld the doctrine … Continued

Hiring An Employment Attorney For Your Business

When you look to hire an employment attorney to help you manage your workforce, it is important that you choose one whose practice is focused on labor and employment law. After all, you have a lot of choices in north … Continued

Supreme Court Broadens Scope of FLSA Exemptions

The Supreme Court recently increased the number of employees who are exempt from overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act by adopting a new relaxed standard of construction, a significant move favoring business. See Encino Motorcars, LLC v. Navarro, … Continued

Bad Tweets: Social Media and the Workplace

On a Tuesday afternoon in February, The New York Times proudly announced it had hired journalist Quinn Norton, a “lead opinion writer on the power, culture and consequences of technology.” A blog post by Norton soon followed. She said those … Continued

How the New Tax Law Impacts Employee Benefits

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 makes some significant changes to employee benefits which may cause employers to rethink their compensation plans. The Act limits the deductions employers can claim for employee benefits. Previously, employee transportation benefit programs … Continued